Vol. 14 On road alone Hurricane Creek and Hat point

Beauty of the wilderness
I slept at many odd place during my life.
I don't mind sleep out side on the ground of no where or just a night in my car.
But there is one thing remind me about humanity---that is always have nice people give others an warm offer to make the world a better place to travel.
On this trip, I met four kindly people, they are Allan, Norma, Bill and Debbie.
Being a wise man who had travel around world 20years ago, Allan taught me many knowledge and stories that interested me. And he gave me the tent he used to travel around the world to warm up my solo trip. I appreciated and admire them all!

Morning Light though the woods
No way out
7000 feet
land of extrem
and the flowers growing there

Stand on the top of the mountain.
I'm a piece of sand from desert ... or a drop of water from ocean... empty and open

Last view when we leave.
I left the last memory about the mountains by a piece of coal.
Last view
The memory will lasts until the rain cry out the sky.

Shuai Li/ July/2010

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