Vol. 13 On road alone Wallowa lake/Joseph

Travel is an rhythm of life

Among the lakes I have been traveled, Wallowa lake is absolutely a very beautiful one, if there is not that many crows I will rate it 9/10
Chill under the shade, watch people come and goes but the lake never changes.
Human are looking for the fun and enjoy by themselves, because the insignificant existence we do proud who we are and what we are doing, even there is no deeper meaning behind it.

On the High way 3 there is a small place sell the world famous Milk shake, I had one, taste ok... But since that's only food supply on a 85 miles high way. I admire the shop.

Joseph: a little town 5miles away from Enterprise, OR

In this little place you will find the old feeling like travel through the time back to Renaissance
age. Sweet and pretty.

Sometimes has something with very unique style

Joseph is a very artistic town, very cute buildings and color combinations

Art is a way people can enjoy their life and maybe for some people they can find the meaning of their lives.

---Shuai Li July/2010

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