Vol. 15 On Road alone McCall

Simple but busy
Quite but amazing
smiling face is everywhere and so on the road
I have travel alone the road for a while, the only place can be so small and so delicate
The only place you can smell the food while you are lay on the beach
The only place take 20 mins waiting for a parking spot
and the only place with beauty and the beauty out of the soul
It's a packed place to relax,
It's designed for the people who wants the beauty and enjoy but don't need take them away from civilization
It's a tourist's town and so far it does a good job to be like the way it is.
So, there is nothing really attract me but appreciation of great human intelligence and city-culture bounded human society.
Then, I moved on, to the next destination on the road.
Good bye blue bird. Good bye, the small beauty amazes big consumerism but not big wisdom.

Shuai Li Aug/2010

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