Vol.7 Randomly Hope

(Camera Set as usual)

Hope Is the Best Cure for Love, at same time it is also the worst

Sweet is not an original taste, but a taste of artificial hope.

There is nothing unique about seeds and that's what makes different.
Maybe same to us, hope so.

Beauty is attractive, But not to everything.

I got you now, because I will let you see the things I haven't see... I wish you could take me with you, But if I don't stay and blow the wind as hard as I can how can you fly high? My love

Lonely is a celebration to one person. Celebration is a loneliness to one group.

Why empty is bad for your health? Because you always trying to figure out what kind of drink you should put on the table.

As I said, if you attracted by a beauty
feel lonely that life without it
after you drink a cup coffee or beer you still feel that way
then it's time to hope
Because looks like it is the only brightness
from the gloomy sky
Even it is not the shape of my heart
Shuai Li


Vol.6 Childish time and things under the Sun

When you are tired, take some time do nothing, if "nothing" sounds boring, try something-childish.

Why we do that.... because we don't like death, so we trying to keep slef young.

Enjoy is the key.

get abstrack, you would like a tree full of sweet heart

Or something fun.

Look at the sun, it tells you this is the moment of life.

even a small piece of moss would give you the feeling of how treasure the life is.

How simple life should be?

Or when it get complicated?

Keep asking yourself, where are you going? Are you on a lonely trip.

If you are, take someone with you.

And find some treasure, even they worth nothing but it will become part of your memory.

Enjoy the beauty everytime, because they won't last long.

Even the Sun is bright, smile at it when you can for the appriciation of it provied almost everything.

Especially those beautiful color we can see.

And those We Can't.

-------Shuai Li 3/21/2010

Vol.5 blooming

Camaro set up in micro auto.

Yesterday, you were shy and full of hard past.
This bud suffer the pain from the winter just as you.
Today, you have the exprience with your heart, the light from the sun, the warmth from my hand and the beauty you see by your soul, and the voice you heard from the river that never ends.
They telling you a story that makes you unique.
With time past, You shall remain your beauty, and the blooming is the best prove, your shining in the peace, everyone who seeking the beauty will admire you. Birds singing for you, and the world cheer for you.
Roll down the pieces and see your transcendence. Even we will decay someday but next time when the snow start melting, the world will wisper your existence.
---------Shuai Li 2010/march


Volume 4. Processing

Volume 4. A process of growing
(Camera set in auto Mirco length 1.5-5cm)

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Day 22