Vol.8 Colors, the rhythm exists

[Description of camera setting: Today was a sunny day, so adjust ISO to 80, F3.5 1/400-1/1000. tried to over expose so the pictures turn out more fancy, still Mirco On, 1-5 cm length]

Color is a gift for all lovely people. Beautiful Color is a penalty to all ugly truths.
Unless the eye is darken, then the beauty can become bloody and twisty.

White and red... I would wear it if I was a Crusader loves truth.

shy...But not hide,

shine with a purple sky,

or a piece of green, light of faint. like coffee mixed with wine, strange but Wild.

a snow storm won't fate your life, but fate it self step after bright.

I choose to be quite, I know there is no world would like to hear my meaningless whisper,
the random words and tasteless sense. Stay in the little corner, dance with no one, but cheer for everyone.

Just remember: flowers never notice that you are observing them, they never care that you are smelling them, they never know that you love them... same to this world, some times, some people, some things, they just don't care your insignificant existence.
Because flowers can always have lots attraction. weather is human or a bee, it doesn't matter.

Decay...when your beauty is gone, and I will remember your significant moment in your insignificant life.

Shuai Li

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