Vol.5 blooming

Camaro set up in micro auto.

Yesterday, you were shy and full of hard past.
This bud suffer the pain from the winter just as you.
Today, you have the exprience with your heart, the light from the sun, the warmth from my hand and the beauty you see by your soul, and the voice you heard from the river that never ends.
They telling you a story that makes you unique.
With time past, You shall remain your beauty, and the blooming is the best prove, your shining in the peace, everyone who seeking the beauty will admire you. Birds singing for you, and the world cheer for you.
Roll down the pieces and see your transcendence. Even we will decay someday but next time when the snow start melting, the world will wisper your existence.
---------Shuai Li 2010/march

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