Vol.10 Born in summer, Die in summer

It's a real story. Started on 20th May, 2010
On my way back home, I saw a shore bird, which is unusual appears on Campus.

and I followed his sounds I heard another one
They were keeping alert each other or me, from a safe distance. I knew there were must be something interesting waiting for me. Then I found them

In the following days, I was keep recording their grow up journal, I love this little family traveled and breed out side where they belongs
Brothers are resting..
Parents too
They are very health birds.
Until May 24th , the fourth day I went to observe them, they were gone.
And I was sad....

But I heard the parents's call, a sound that unusual for me compare to the past few days.
So I followed it and came to the parking lot, about 100 feet to where they were. and I only saw the parents.
The long and sad sing with out response.

I checked my note and searching around.
their babies were died, right besides where they were.
It was 4:30 pm 24th

My heart was broken, how and why three babies died together besides the road?
they will never response to their parents' call any more.

the dirt was wet, no dog or cat prints, 3 babies died together, feather has no damage which indicate there was no attack from predators.
tissue is still soft, ants just started check the bodies which indicate the time of death should be 1-4hours before I came.
which was 1:30-4:00pm

After Dissection, I found that three babies died at same time by outer force, break of neck, (Cervical spine). which maybe was one or couple children played around and found them and killed them.


Their life of journal were short. I could not even finish the 3rd page of my note book
The nature is Cruel, especially around humans, their parents made a big mistake to pick the location of breeding and lead their offspring's death. God bless them went to peace.

The sound of parents still around the campus in the parking lot, they must be wounder, why their kids did not response any more.

_Shuai Li 25th May 2010

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