Vol.3 open and empty

Walk in pionner park to feel the nature life is about to change.

broken seeds on and old table. I feel them are looking for hope, and wind is the hope.

(Sony,DSC-H20. ISO200, F3.5, 1/220S, Lewiston pioneer park)

Tree is dry but not die, the crak of the trunk is the sound of the light. I love to kiss it and share my love of nature and this tree would hug me back and his leaf will let me chill in this summer.
(Sony,DSC-H20. ISO100, F3.5, 1/220S, Lewiston Pioneer park tree)

What is straight? I always asking myself. there is no straight unless you have something else to compare with, such as human compare to human, and that will never tell you the truth.
(Sony,DSC-H20. ISO800, F2.0, 1/220S, Lewiston pioneer park tree)

I can have hundreds thoughts about this tree. But now I only share with you one, that is --when you show your wealth to others, I can tell your poor.
(Sony,DSC-H20. ISO800, F2.5, 1/220S, Pioneer park tree)

Life is simple and complex, it's ugly and beautiful, it's lound and quite. It depends on who you are and where u at.
(Sony,DSC-H20. ISO200, F3.5, 1/100S, Random street in Lewiston)

Sun... you are shinning....blind my eyes, so why not go brighter and blind my soul?
(Sony,DSC-H20. ISO400, F2.5, 1/80S, random street in Lewiston)

I can see you, but you can't see me lol
(Sony,DSC-H20. ISO200, F3.5, 1/80S, random plants on the side walk)

When I looking at this weed it somehow remind me our flag, the flag of United State, the freedom from the old world.
(Sony,DSC-H20. ISO200, F2.5, 1/80S, random plant on the side walk)

It doesn't matter How ugly you are, but it does matter how sharpe you are. So people would not ignored you or trying to hurt you by purpose. but some times. it can be understand in an oppsite way. that is the confusion of the life.
(Sony,DSC-H20. ISO200, F3.5, 1/80S, a place where lots of weeds lol)

Follow my path and there are more you will see and more you may learn.
enjoy my journal ;D
Yours Li

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