Vol 1 New Start

I walk away from my self, see things that can not be seeing. Life is a deep blue, we sad, we depress, but the blue has it's beauty, the pattern of different. the view of shadow.I start my journal today, and if you see me into my eyes. I will show you my world.

(Sony,DSC-H20. ISO800, F3.5, 1/15S, My jean)

Vol 1.1 the dark is not because it's dark, because we think it's darkas like our life, complex combination build up a complex world and things fade.But if you see in detail, things are clear.

(Sony,DSC-H20. ISO100, F4.5, 1/30S, tomato and candy )

Vol 1.2Things can be simple. the more simple they are, the more beauty they are.

(Sony,DSC-H20. ISO80, F3.5, 1/80S, Home )

Vol 1.3 I always wonder, life should foucs on the living part like the people and flower or the died part like history and restriction?

(Sony,DSC-H20. ISO200, F3.5, 1/100S, My family dog )

Vol 1.4 When we left home went to work and school, who else is at home?

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